• Image of Wine Bag
  • Image of Wine Bag

Made by Oma women of Phongsaly Province, these elegant wine carriers are based on traditional leg wraps. The base fabric is indigo-dyed hand-spun, hand-woven cotton, and the vibrant applique and embroidery work is of market bought fabric and thread. These will make a wine gift special and can be used to decorate a home wine collection.

Please note that as all motifs are hand-designed, each piece is completely unique and represents the individual artist's style and process.

SIZE: 7 x 30 cm


Approximately 50% of the price of this product goes directly back to the village producers, who are mainly rural minority women. TAEC is certified by Fair Trade Laos, and promotes livelihoods based on traditional skills. To learn more, visit our "Handicrafts and Livelihoods" page.